Easily Remove Road Paint

  • Cleaning Supplies that Work

    Going through insurance and a body shop can take days
    of hassle and too much money. Our low cost and highly
    effective cleaning supplies are focused on a single job,
    completely removing highway paint from your car. Our Get Off Clean solution was developed for do-it-yourself
    individuals exactly like you. This paint removal cleaner effectively
    removes the stubborn highway paint and protects your car's
    exterior paint.

Answers to your Questions

What kind of paint will this product remove?

Our products were specifically formulated to remove highway road paint. Carefully following the directions will keep your vehicle in excellent condition and easily remove stubbon paint.

Do you offer returns?

Yes! We are so confident in our product that we offer an excellent return policy.

What surfaces does this product work on?

Get Off Clean Road Paint Remover will work on Vehicle Paint, Glass, Rubber, Plastic, Clear Coat Paint, and carpet.